Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guide to CCTV - Introduction

There are a vast range of CCTV products and prices to choose from in the marketplace but little information to help discriminate between them. Here are some examples.

A camera described as good in low-level light will often not produce images at night unless there is additional lighting. There may be no explanation or qualification of the term low-level light.

Wireless cameras can be fitted in minutes as there are no cables to run back to your TV or monitor. However, the cameras still require a power source and while battery power is convenient the consumption is great giving a working time of less than 24 hours (as low as 2 on some products tested).
Wireless connectivity is nevertheless very useful for some applications as described later.

There are plenty of professional CCTV installers who will give you a site survey and recommend appropriate products but, of course, you pay for this service. Modern technology has now made CCTV products much more affordable and they can be very easy to fit for the average DIY person. This guide will help you choose the correct products and show some simple methods of fitting complete systems to domestic and commercial properties.

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